Sunday, December 9, 2012

NGO vow to lead repair of old Bulacan light house

HAGONOY, Bulacan—For more than seven years, fishermen in Manila Bay thread its waters in the dark of night due to unrepaired lighthouse at the coastal village of Pugad here.

But soon, their woes will be over after a non-governmental organization offered to bring back light on the much needed lighthouse.

Grossman Dax Uy, the chair of Sigla Movement of the Philippines (SMP) Bulacan chapter conducted on Saturday, November 24 an ocular inspection on the more than 80 years old light house.

He said SMP will lead the repair of the lighthouse by donating solar batteries and lamps.

“This lighthouse is crucial for fishermen at night because it serve as their guide, that’s why we offer to repair it,” Uy said.

He added that the lighthouse can also be a tourist attraction if its surrounding areas will be developed.

This was affirmed by local residents who said that in the past, travelers from Bulacan going to Corregidor Island, Bataan and Manila used to stop at the base of the lighthouse.

Rommel Santos, a former village councilman said that the light house is more than 80 years old based on narrative of older residents.

Village councilman Alfredo Lunes said the lighthouse ceased to serve its function more than seven years ago after its solar powered batteries failed.

This led village officials to seek help from the municipal and provincial government.

Last year, Governor Wilhelmino Alvarado submitted a proposal to the Central Luzon Regional Development Council (RDC) or the repair of the said lighthouse.

It was approved by the RDC along with the construction of additional lighthouses in on the coast of Obando, Paombong towns in Bulacan and in Pampanga and Bataan provinces.

The Central Luzon RDC submitted a resolution to Malacanang through the Department of Transportation and Communications (DOTC) endorsing repair and construction of additional light houses.

However, after more than a year, the national government still have to act on the RDC endorsement.  (Dino Balabo)