Friday, June 29, 2012

TMC to implement agreement with TRB at NLEX by July 1

GUIGUINTO, Bulacan—Vehicles with top load above seven feet will be charged for class two vehicle category at North Luzon Expressway (NLEX) toll plazas starting July 1.

This came as the Manila North Tollways Corporation and its NLEX operator, the Tollways Management Corporation (TMC) implement an agreement with the Toll Regulatory Board (TRB).

Bobby Bontia, TMC Vice President for tollways operation said that under the MNTC and TRB agreement, vehicles with two axles and top load above seven feet are supposed to be charge under class two.

However, in the past years, such vehicles were only charge for toll fee under class 1.

Bontia that TMC has been distributing leaflets to motorist since last month to inform them of the changes on toll fees for the said vehicles.

”We are implementing the agreement by July 1,” he said noting that vehicles with top loads above seven feet were being charged under class two category at the South Luzon Expressway (SLEX) for a long time.

 Bontia said that vehicles with two axles and top load below seven feet are considered as class one vehicles and are only pays and initial P45.

But class two vehicles which were describe as with two axles and top load beyond seven feet pays and initial toll fee of P114 along the NLEX.

As head of the toll operations of the TMC, Bontia said they will place market on every toll plaza along the NLEX in order to serve as reference for motorists on the actual height of their load.

This developed, Bontia also announce that by next month, the MNTC will open the new Bocaue Interchange on the northbound of the NLEX.

Like its south-bound counterpart, the new interchange will have three toll booths for TMC to start collecting toll fees.

Road approaching said interchange from the NLEX was widened to accommodate more vehicles.  The MNTC and the TMC are also coordinating with Bocaue municipal government to widen the road after the interchange that leads to Bocaue and Sta. Maria towns.

Bontia clarified that the Bocaue north-bound interchange is not part of the open system implemented by the TMC along the NLEX.

He said the open system is only between Marilao and Balintawak interchange.  (Dino Balabo)