Sunday, June 16, 2013

30 houses damaged in Marilao factory blast

MALOLOS CITY—At least 30 houses were damaged in an explosion at a factory in Marilao town early Wednesday morning.

No one was reported injured but residents reported trauma suffered by children, most are still have to see a doctor.

The Provincial Fire Marshall of Bulacan started yesterday morning a thorough investigation following statements from the Marilao Fire station that there is no need for an investigation claiming the explosion was caused by lightning.

Other issues that still to be resolved by investigators is to determine what kind of chemical contained in the tank that exploded inside the compound of the WT Treat Chemical Corporation located at Barangay Loma De Gato in Marilao town.

BFP records showed that the tank contained hydrogen peroxide, but journalists who saw to tank said it was marked “sulfuric acid” which some residents also claimed.

Rufino Concepcion, a village councilman said no less than 30 houses were damaged in the blast.

In a telephone interview, Concepcion said he was asleep when the explosion occurred.

He said it was so loud that it woke him and his wife, while it opened their steel window.

Concepcion’s house did not suffer damages, but others suffered especially the one owned by Julia Abiertas, a 75-year old widow.

Located less than 100 meters from ground zero, Abiertas’ house suffered the most damage.

Not only that, her three grandchildren living with her suffered trauma, not to mention that Abiertas herself said in a telephone interview that she is suffering from dizziness  since the explosion.

Like Concepcion, Abiertas was also sleep when the explosion occurred, but her grandchildren, especially youngest one was still awake.

She said that her five year grandchild was eating when the explosion rocked their house.

“He thought we were bombed that why until now he keeps yelling “help,” said Abiertas in vernacular.

As this developed, Fire Superintendent Romeo Rillo, the fire marshal of Bulacan went to the blast site yesterday morning following statement of local fire department that they will no longer investigate.

This made Rillo furious noting at least 30 houses were damaged.

He also vowed to discipline the firemen who made the statement.