Friday, June 15, 2012

Filipiniana for NLEX toll booth tellers, workers

GUIGUINTO, Bulacan—Toll booth tellers along the North Luzon Expressway (NLEX) wore Filipiniana dress during the June 12 independence day celebration, a bold move that drew approval from motorists.

Bobby Bontia, the Vice President for Tollways management of the TMC which manages the NLEX, said it was their way of joining the annual rites.

He said that tellers usually wear white colored uniform while manning the toll both.

But since May 26, when they joined the celebration of the National Flag Day, he said that tellers started wearing a scarf in traditional tri-color of the Philippine flag.

“Motorist wear surprised and were happy with the way out tellers look,” he said noting that some motorirst commented that it was some sort of refreshing.
The same were echoed by Edison Sta. Ana and Rosemary Dela Cruz.

They said that some motorists took time to ask they what they were wearing and what it was for.

“They were happy and really like what we are wearing,” Sta. Ana said.

Despite slowing down to ask tellers, Bontia said it did not affect the toll both operations along the NLEX.

He said that motorists comments have encouraged them to ask tellers to wear Filipiniana dress  last Tuesday and on June 16th.

Bontia added that TMC is now considering using Filipiniana Dress as part of the regular uniform of employees and tellers.

He added that by December, they will encourage similar thematic use of uniform on certain days.

To encourage NLEX employees, Bontia said they came up with an internal contest on who will be the best dressed employee wearing the Filipiniana.

This developed, Francisco Dagohoy, the media specialist of the TMC said along with the Filipiniana Dress contest, they are also holding a best decorated toll booth contest.

 The thematic contest led tellers to decorate toll booths with posters of Filipino heroes, historic places in Bulacan and Pampanga, along with historical events in the country.

Dagohoy said the twin contest has engaged employees while helping others to be reminded of the importance of independence day.