Sunday, June 10, 2012

Futbulakenyos now leads CLFL, beat Tarlac FC in home game

MALOLOS CITY—Bulacan-based football team outplayed Tarlac Football Club (FC) to score a 3-1 victory in their third game in the Central Luzon Football League (CLFL) on Saturday.

Emmanuel Robles, coach of the Futbulakenyos FC said the victory was bitter sweet as it was their first game at home, but hardly watched by Bulakenyos as football still have to gain popularity in the region.

Futbulakenyos first played in Tarlac and Pampanga where they defeated Lighthouse Amihan FC of Olongapo City, and Pampanga FC, respectively.  They now lead the CLFL with 3-0 win-loss card.

The game started befor 4PM at the Bulacan Sports Complex at Barangay Sta. Isabel here on Tuesday.

Composed of players from the Bulacan State University, the Futbulakenyos dictated the tempo of the game in the first 45 minutes and scored two goals compared to Tarlac FC’s one.

In the second half, younger and faster Futbulakenyos further increased the aggression on the Tarlac FC’s goal that saw the ball hardly leaving the Tarlac FC’s half of the field.

Despite the aggressive attack, Bulacan players only made one goal in the second has as Tarlac FC’s goal keeper was able to deflect some, while other attempts missed the goals by only few inches.

“We need to train more and work on our plays,” said Robles who expressed satisfaction on his players’ stamina and agility as they out-run and out-play Tarlac FC players.

While only few watch the game, Futbulakenyos show some shining moments aside from scoring three goals.
These include Futbulakenyos strikers driving around three Tarlac defender in different times

Organized last January, the CLFL opened its first season last May 20 with four competing teams from Bulacan, Pampanga, Tarlac and Olongapo City.

At present, Futbulakenyos leads the league with 3-0 win-loss card followed by Tarlac FC with 1-1; Lighthouse Amihan FC with 1-1; and Pampanga FC which lost its first three games.  (Dino Balabo)