Thursday, November 7, 2013

MNTC to confer safety awards to outstanding drivers, firms

MALOLOS CITY—The Manila North Tollways Corp. (MNTC), builder of and concessionaire of the 90-kilometer North Luzon Expressway (NLEx) is set to confer recognition to outstanding companies that pursues road safety in using the expressway.

Dubbed as the NLEXcellence Safety Awards, 15 awardees will be feted next week at the SM Mall of Asia Convention Center (SMX). Rodrigo Franco, president and CEO of the MNTC, said the awardees include bus and trucking companies who share the same values on road safety as the NLEx.

He said the ingrained culture of safety by both the MNTC and Tollways Management Corporation (TMC), the operator of NLEx, is what sets NLEx apart.

However, joint MNTC-TMC advocacy and mission for road safety cannot be successful without the support and cooperation of drivers and operators of vehicles using the expressways, he added.

As a tribute to responsible partners in road safety, the MNTC has been giving recognition to outstanding companies. However, they restructured the award’s mechanics and criteria this year to further highlight NLEx’s strong advocacy on road safety.

Franco said that in the NLEXcellence award, bus and truck companies will be recognized for exemplary performance in ensuring safety on the road.

“The NLEXcellence Safety Awards demonstrates how deeply we recognize safety as shared value between the awardees and ourselves,” he said. Franco further said “the awards is touted to be a testament of the company’s strengths and capabilities, the quality of its personnel, products and services.

It redounds to the companies reliability and dependability, generates client’s trust and confidence, industry respect and prestige which could lead more business and opportunities for the awardees.”

The awards will have the following categories: vehicle quality, driver’s professionalism, and company operational excellence. Nominees in the vehicle quality category are assessed based on vehicles’ roadworthiness, specifically the condition of vehicle’s engine, tires, breaks, lights, the presence of safety devices and emergency tools, presence of required documents, as well as vehicles’ cleanliness and comfort of the driver and his assistant.

In the driver’s professionalism category, nominees are evaluated based on their skills in driving, knowledge of traffic rules, regulations and signs, physical fitness, health and presentable appearance, apprehension record, their regulatory compliance, and driving qualifications.

In the company operational excellence category, companies are assessed on the basis of their safety record, company policies, and programs physical examination of drivers that may include drugs and alcohol tests, regular skills training, and behavioral workshops, close management supervision.

The company should also have an extensive vehicle care program such as regular pre-emptive maintenance, mandatory replacement of tires and other wearing parts, like break-pads, clutch, belts, filters, and others.

The vehicle should also be washed and cleaned regularly. The garage or motorpool should also be clean and adequately equipped to handle most if not all repair and maintenance work by a qualified mechanic.

Franco said that criteria for each category follow a track towards building an expressway environment where travelers will have peace of mind, as they travel safely, comfortably and conveniently.